Ashli currently  lives and works in New York City.

Currently, Ashli splits her time between her studio practice and community mural making largely through the non profit Creative Art Works. Ashli has exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, New York and New Jersey and Sumatra. She also has painted for the National Audbon Society and International Rhino Foundation.  As a contributing  writer for Art File, she has written about Cupid Ojala and Elisabeth Condon. Ashli is open to commissions and collaborations,  and cannot take on anymore volunteer or probono work.


The Audubon Mural Project: Creative Refuge for Endangered Birds

NY Times: Public Art Takes Flight

City Lab: Audubon Mural Project

International Rhino Foundation: Ashli Sisk

Ashli Sisk and the 500-year-old Rhino

Born to Be Wild: Painter Ashli Sisk Captures the Complexities of Man Versus (Endangered) Beast

Audubon Society:Black Chinned Hummingbird

Shameful.Designs Coverage Big Game

Endangered Apothecary Manhattan Times





Three Witches (curatorial) 


 Ashli Sisk: All Singing All Dancing

Solo exhibition and The Odd Toe and Horn book release party

Vitrina NYC TBA this September

Wildlife of The Highlands Touring exhibition:

Paterson Museum  June 15th - July 3

Ivanhoe Wheelhouse Museum June 10 - June 14

 Audubon Mural Project  Installed May 16th

601 W. 149th Street, New York, NY — 149th Street between Broadway and Riverside Drive

100 Gates Project

Roll gate painting in Lower East Side



Ashli Sisk: For The 6th Time

3d Heights May 29th – June 30th

Ashli Sisk: Fingernails  

Buuni Café May 29th- June 30th

 All that Glitters 

Gateway Project

January 13th- March 27th  

Women of The Heights 

North Manhattan Arts Alliance March16th



Cupid Ojala and Ashli Sisk: Endangered Apothecary

Royal RX June 1st - Sept 2013



Strange Attractions:

Benefit Gala for NO Gas Pipeline & 

Liberty Humane Society August  

Ashli Sisk: Territory Takeover 

Hudson Art Supply @Mana Contemporary 

Horse Designed by Committee 

White Box May 18 -May 27th

 Ashli Sisk: Big Game 

Solo(s) Project House



Happy Feet and The Angry Inch

 Stage October- January


Earth as in Sky  

Ashli Sisk & Flavia Berindogue

Montclair State University Finley Hall Gallery


Montclair Global Education

Goldsmiths University of London

July 4th - July 8th


Young Blood  

Class of 2012 summer show 

Amos and Eno Gallery


Apparitions (Projection show)

Montclair State University Finley Hall Gallery



Whitney Newson & Ashli Sisk: Creatures Great and Small 

Montclair State University Finley Hall Gallery 

Eliana Iturbe & Ashli Sisk: Menagerie   

Montclair State University Finley Hall Gallery



Everything Must Go! 

The Climate Theatre, San Francisco


Mission Art Center

Onsix Gallery 

Mi Ju Jo Lind &  Ashli Sisk: Beasts of Burden 

SFAIThe Diego RiveraGallery

The First Annual First Show @ SFAI 

September 5, 2009


111 Minna Gallery 

May 28, 2009



Montclair State University MFA May 2012 

San Francisco Art Institute BFA Painting May   2010 

Foothill Community College AA Anthropology May 2008


Residencies and Internships 

North Manhattan Arts Alliance Volunteer 2013- 2014 

Brooklyn Art Space Recent Graduate Residency 2013

Root Division Intern 2009



MSU College of The Arts Excellence in Painting Award 2012 

Spring 2011 Montclair State University Foundation Scholarship 

Daedalus Fellowship nomination 2011 

Daedalus MFA Fellowship Nomination 2011 

Graduation assistant fellowship 2011-2012

Campus Leadership award 2010 Leader/President of Student Union 

SFAI Spring 2009 Campus Leadership Award for founding and operating Art After Hours 

The Sutter scholarship, 2009/2010

Gamblin Prize Spring 2009

Ivan Majdrakoff 300$ Utrecht gift card 

SFAI Spring 2009 Campus Leadership Award for founding and operating Art After Hour 

Partnership Scholarship, 2008-2010

Foothill community college 2008 Excellence in Writing Award.